Three Things You Might Not Expect to Take Camping

Whether you’re a first-time camper or an experienced outdoors person, you probably have a list of must-pack items for your next camping trip: tent, sleeping bag, food, cooking supplies, first aid kit, clothes, and of course your My Parks Pass. But have you ever considered taking these three things?

1) Rope: Make sure you have a nice long length! Rope will come in handy if you need to create an impromptu clothesline for drying clothes, or to tie some of your other gear together. Maybe you’ll just want to use the rope to mark the goal line for a pickup soccer game?

2) A small broom & dust pan: Purely practical, these items will help you keep your tent and your campsite clean. Depending on the size of your broom handle, you might also be able to combine it with your rope to create a camping version of a washtub bass to entertain your family!

3) A notepad & pen or pencil: You can use your notepad to keep a camping journal; you might want to include notes about any activities you do during the day, a list of wildlife you spot around your campsite, or your thoughts about being outdoors. Unleash your creative side and write a poem, story or song inspired by nature, or sketch some of the plants and animals you see on your trip!

What item do you absolutely need to take with you when you go camping? What item would you like to be able to bring? Let us know in the comments below.