The Canadian Wildlife Federation

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For over 50 years, the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) has advocated for the protection of Canada's wild species and spaces. Representing more than 300,000 members and supporters, the federation is one of Canada's largest non-profit, non-governmental conservation organizations.

CWF is dedicated to fostering awareness and enjoyment of our natural world. We encourage an understanding of the impact of human activities on the environment; promote the sustainable use of our natural resources; conduct and sponsor research; recommend legislative changes to protect wildlife and its habitats; and cooperate with organizations and government agencies with similar objectives.

In a world where thousands of species fall extinct every year, there's an urgent need to understand that all living things are connected — that none of the five million species on Earth, including us, can survive without each other or without healthy ecosystems.

Through education and awareness, advocacy, and funding, CWF promotes the sustainable use of our planet's resources. We support research and recovery programs that aim to remove animals from the endangered species list and we represent the voices of countless concerned Canadians on government advisory committees that create legislation to better the lives of wildlife and humans. Our WILD School, Backyard Habitat, Walk for Wildlife, Rivers to Oceans programs and more inspire Canadians to take on a wide array of wildlife projects.

The federation is a champion of the environment and wildlife on a national and international scale. Among the issues we've tackled are acid rain, toxic chemicals, game farming, endangered species protection, and forest and wetland destruction.

Through extensive education and information programs, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians may live in harmony with the natural order.