Riel House

Riel House

Pay a visit to Riel House National Historic Site where epic stories of the life of Louis Riel, 19th century rebel and champion of Métis rights and culture, will bring you even closer to the legendary man himself.


Discover the Epic Stories of the Life of Louis Riel

Louis Riel is considered the "Father of Manitoba". His life was almost unbelievable but everything he did was to ensure that his people were treated fairly by the government of the day.

The Riel family farm has been restored to reflect the life of the family in the 1880s. Once it was a huge farm stretching between the Red River and the Seine River. Today it's an important part of Manitoba and Canada's history as the home of a man who was considered both a hero and a traitor. Hear the stories of this intriguing man and decide for yourself.

How much time will I need?

  • About 1 hour

Do I need any special equipment or gear? What else should I bring?

  • No special equipment is needed.

Is this activity free?

  • Yes

When's the best time to do this?

  • Daytime from mid-May to early September


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